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6 Mar

When you are forced with advice

When you are forced with advice

Many people try to force advice on me because they think they:

1. Are more experienced
2. Are in a better position in life
3. Want to show off
4. Want to really help in their own obscure way that only worked for them, and they think it can work for everyone else
5. Want to appear that they have a heart and doing a good deed
6. Think they are the best at what they do, and can throw advice around like gold pieces
7. Can give wrong advice in order for you to not succeed like them

I have learned to act like a deaf person and disregard their advice. I know, you are wondering why I am as stubborn as a goat (hint. Capricorn Curse), but I have my reasons. You know when you spend your life listening to people, following their advice, learning from them, hoping that one day you will end up like them, then, one day, you get struck by lightning and realize that some things work for some people. However, it doesn’t for you!

Advice is purely empty talk. You either take it or leave it. I used to take it a lot, because I thought more experienced or older people are well off. They know their stuff. They can help me out. In reality, they just want to show off and force advice on you, because if it miraculously works out in your favour, then they win! They have done something in your favour. You owe them. Not material things, or returned favours. But you owe them their name. They will keep bragging on that they did something great for you! That people should follow them now because they can provide favours and great advice. “Listen to me”, they say. “Look how things worked out for so and so because of what I said!”

I say, let people lead their own lives. Let things happen the way it is intended to happen. If I didn’t ask for help or advice or whatever from you, then I don’t need to hear it. I don’t want anyone to tell me how things should be done. I think you live and learn on your own from trials and errors. However, trying to contribute and force your ideas on someone really makes that person a bit weary of you, and not wanting to hear anymore of it. It’s enough people like me, if there was someone like me out there, don’t want anymore pressure in life.

I think forced advice is pressure. I think the more you give it to some people, the more they feel that they are leading their lives the wrong way and have to change it. The advice you are giving to others is like trying to control them and changing them to the way you want.

Maybe some people need to back off and try to mind their own business. Not everyone wants to hear advice. Some people like me are sick of it and it causes more pressure than we can already handle in life. Weigh up the pros and cons and make your own decision as hard as it can be – its better for you!


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