Behaving Without a Brain

11 Mar

Behaving Without a Brain


Why is it that the minute a woman “falls in love,” her brain stops working?

Seems that a horrible, abusive, cruel, and otherwise not-so-great guy becomes fabulous the second a woman “falls in love.”

Regardless of how she is treated, regardless of how he responds to her, regardless of what he does, so long as a woman is “in love,” none of it seems to matter?

What is going on?

In his brilliant book, Deep Survival, author Laurence Gonzales describes what happens to the brain when “love” takes over…. “Emotion takes over from the thinking part of the brain the neocortex, to effect an instinctive set of response necessary for survival, in this case reproduction.” He continues discussing the brain and how it alters during times of fear similarly to times of a person experiencing intense attraction, “Even as the hormones produced under stress disrupt perception, thinking, and the formation and retrieval of memories, they set a potentially dangerous trap by exciting the amygdala.”

He continues discussing how when the emotions take over, you are propelled to behaviors that may not be in your conscious control as a primitive part of the brain takes over.

Renowned anthropologist Helen Fisher, in her extraordinary work on evolution and love, has demonstrated through brain mapping, how various parts of the brain seem to take over control of the body by producing neurochemicals. She describes the process not as emotions taking over but the brain creating a motivational system to move humans toward procreation.

Neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine are powerful, addictive, and persuasive chemicals that flood our brains telling us act in ways that may have been necessary for mating and survival a few million years ago, but today they may not have our best interest in mind.

The feeling of being passionately romantically in love, elicits emotions such as euphoria, anger, and frustration, and everything in between. And the result is a person virtually out of control with a near magnetic like attraction. People become unreasonable, irrational, and completely out of their minds.

And with this primitive process and dynamic comes irrational and often near stalking-like behavior, that to the person “in love” seems perfectly fine and normal.

While this may be a fabulous state in which to temporarily reside, the truth is that one must be very careful. This state can be dangerous! Those feelings take away one’s ability to think rationally and may end up causing a lot of pain due to extremely poor decision making.

To manage the intensity of the state of romantic love, it is best to first, know the person with whom you are falling in love. Make sure that before you allow yourself to get attached, you are clear the guy is someone worth attaching to. Prior to letting your brain and body fill with those wild chemicals, make absolutely sure you are ready to enter that state.

Be clear. Be honest with yourself. Be safe!


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