Is saying ‘I love you’ really necessary nowadays??

19 Mar


I want to know if people think it is necessary to use these words or have they lost
their meaning in modern day society?? We all at some point of time have said the
three words ‘I love you’ in a relationship but if we say them too often and too much
I feel they begin to lose meaning, they just become like a standard greeting, but on
the other hand if a person deliberately starts to delete the words I love you – then
a person can begin to hate the expression as it just leads to them getting hurt etc
so then we have to take a step back and say to ourselves, stop, hang on a minute,
I will say it only when I mean it..yeah that is what I will do from now on, therefore
the words don’t lose the original intent of the expression – the other person is
then perhaps happier as it becomes more spontaneous and makes them appear
more mysterious.

However on the flip side, lets say we have a couple and they don’t believe in saying it
as perhaps they have been hurt in the past, had previous emotional baggage
– fear that if they say it, it will either lose its meaning, not mean anything in
the first place etc. so they don’t say it to each other. I remember having
this discussion with a good friend of mine who actually thought that these
words are used as a pure manipulation of the other person. Yes indeed, sorry to
say but yes sometimes they may be used to manipulate, having said that, it is nice
to feel loved and if we don’t say it the other person can end up feeling rejected in
some way so that leads us to another problem we then have to be able to differentiate
between whether that person sincerely means it or if they are just saying
it to put a smile on our faces or to cover their own tracks and get us back
in their good books cos maybe they did something wrong etc. Whatever the
reason, should we leave I love you where it belongs, in the middle of a cup
of soup?! Somehow I don’t want to give a negative stance on this one,
but it does have a bit of a sinking feeling don’t you think at the best of times?!

Guess it depends on the person and us..but thought it was a good topic for


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