Finding a balance in your life is essential

24 Mar


If we want to be happier in our lives – I am a great believer that we each have to
find our own balance in everything we do.

1. Our diet – this one is hard to do if you are having problems with other areas of
your life but it is imperative that you do find a harmony within yourself in order
to get this to work. We all have little hang-ups about our body, there is always
something we want to improve/change etc. but remember that the key is to keep
things SIMPLE.

So your nose is out two degrees like what?? sometimes
what we consider a flaw, is actually adorable to someone else. Or maybe you
hate your stomach, but you can fix that – you can only fix if you
are determined to do that then change your habits. Breakfast is the most
important meal of the day so never neglect that. Be happy within yourself
and once you are then you can get the diet right!

2. Our spending – we all like to splurge at the best of times. Its human.
However we need to control it too otherwise it will make us unhappy.
If you feel you are spending way too much than you can afford, write
down what you spend your money on. Once you know what is becoming
an unneccessary expense – try to stop doing it. We all have our little
habits but if we can trim them down a bit then perhaps we will find
that balance.

3. Our own happiness/well being
They say that stress is ‘self-induced’ and I am a big believer in this.
We can not blame another person for giving us stress although many
people out there will be quick to point the finger. If you want to be happy
– we must achieve this by OURSELVES.

4. Our relationships
Listen more, speak less – strike a balance I say. Losing can be a good thing
sometimes – and do you always have to have the last word? not necessarily.
Sometimes if you listen more and try to understand the other person’s point
of view even if you don’t like it can be better than being over-analytical etc.
Find a compromise and communicate. If the communication dries up, then
confront the problem head on or it will just get worse. Find happiness by
balancing out your differences.

5. Our goals – where we want to be in our lives
Where do you see yourself in a few years? what do you want to achieve?
Write down what you want to do..even if its write a book..I don’t know but
its important that you give your life some direction. Without direction how
can you ever say you have lived?? Its upto you to strike a balance and
always keep to be motivated. Learning is key to our own progression as
a person. Ignorance can also be bliss but we must have projects. Never
feel deflated if things go wrong. Always find the positives in what you do
and then the balance will come after that. Never let your own zeal get in
the way.


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