The Recession… less dough to play with!

25 May


Are you broke because of the recession?! Me too.. it sucks doesn’t it?!
So I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I made a free website that had my
debts on the page in order to see if some kind souls out there would help
me squash it on the head gradually. Having to take multiple pay cuts has
made me want to do a song and a dance…at least I am not grinding my
teeth yet…

Anyway I made this for a laugh…but I can assure you that I did actually register
the e-mail to Paypal…JUST in case. I know its a bit cheeky of me… You can now
make free websites at
how cool…so even if you don’t want to donate…lol…you now know
that you can make a free website with these people…yay… I really like
the way Yola write…Astonish yourself…I just have look…. 🙂

Please click here for the Link


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