How to know if someone is thinking about breaking up with you…the signs

6 Jun

Another one of my findings came to the core recently. One of my good friends rang me up all upset as she wanted to know in my opinion whether her boyfriend was going to break up with her as he was acting ‘strange’ can NEVER fully know if they will or not, as every relationship is different and unique so here is how I see it, be it a boyfriend OR a girlfriend. They both show the same common signs.

So here are my TOP 10 signs that someone is thinking of pulling the plug. This is not for the faint hearted and not written to upset anyone and if it does then sorry. Its just a document to aid you in case you have your own suspicions – hopefully not..BUT here goes:

1 They are more focused on themselves (your needs become secondary to them and also they use the ‘I’ words much more instead of ‘we’)
2 Nothing seems to please them anymore
3 Your partner always seems to want you to change for them
4 You will be no longer their top priority – (lack of interest)
5 They pick fights with you over MINOR things a lot (are v agitated = they want out)
6 They dramatically cut down contact with you (are always busy)
7 They stop talking about private stuff with you (either keep secrets or not share info)
8 They have lost attraction towards you
9 Lack of appreciation for know breakup is around the corner.
10 You meet up with them more then they meet up for you – seems like you are the person arranging everything..or doing everything…OR you are calling them more then they are calling you…IF you feel that is the case…save yourself the agony and BACK OFF now.

If you really love them and you find this border-line impossible then do nothing for 24 hrs at least until you get used to the idea and get your head around what is going on. You see if someone wants you…they will naturally come to you by themselves. Not through any coaxing, pleading begging etc. You can’t make someone love you. A lot of the time we live in hope that this person does. We will never get that answer EVER even if we asked them and they answered. What makes it tough I guess, is the fact that we can ONLY speculate.

SO the question is now…right you see the above signs and you think..ah no.. I got that crap going on in my life…what now?

what do I do now? Don’t panic. Well first ACT CALM. Don’t let ANY of it get you down at all. Agree (and this is v hard to do) but agree that you feel the relationship is not going right. IF you do this before they reject you – you are indirectly rejecting them first BUT keep calm when you do – do it…cos if you lose the rag just because you are upset about what is happening to you OTHERWISE you end up losing out more, which you simply don’t want. THIS is now YOUR time to do YOUR OWN THING. Get your hair done, fix your teeth…do something you had postponed doing when you were all loved up. WHY? well for a start you will feel temporarily better and will stop you picking your phone… or get a new pair of shoes..wooooo.. 😎 (sorry..was having a moment)

If you are really okay and fine about the breakup you stand more chances of that person doing a u-turn. If they do not change their mind, don’t let this upset you. Carry on regardless. Your life must not stop JUST because someone dropped you. Don’t be the victim. He who reacts less and cares less controls the relationship. SO..Patience is the virtue of the wise man/woman – remember? Take Care…everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know the reasons as to why but what we can know is that you can be happy BESIDES you were BEFORE you ever met them, weren’t you? Have a nice day and be around friends and people that make YOU happy 🙂

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf” – A quote I love from: Jonatan Mårtensson


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