How to know when a relationship is over?

8 Jun

Its really hard if your partner has not said to you whether or not your
relationship is over and perhaps they have left you guessing and now
you are googling and trying to find information because you just want
some input as to what the hell is going on. Well TIME will provide you
this answer as long as you are patient. REMEMBER every cloud has its
silver lining or so they say… BUT here are some tell-tale signs..below.
Now perhaps your partner doesn’t have all of the signs which
case you need to weigh up the pros and cons. This is just a speculative don’t get just going by what the statistics say..


1 You get no respect – this can take many forms, abuse, cheating whatever..either way its horrible. They ignore you, when they do phone they don’t say much or when they do speak they don’t say anything good. They don’t appear to show any signs of giving you the unconditional love you most likely are craving. They don’t appear to care for your feelings or ask or are sensitive to them. Maybe they are but are too afraid to say but either way there is a gross lack of communication here.

2 Passive Aggresive Behaviour…where your partner makes promises that he/she can’t keep or fulfill. E.g. I am going to take you away on a trip – then they don’t get around to doing so. Ever.

3 1 Sided Feelings…do you feel that you put your heart and soul into it all – more then they do?

4 If your partner is over-critical of you and doesn’t except you the way you are..YOU.

5 If your partner is too possessive and jealous of you. You will get fed up and just want out.

6 You feel totally unappreciated. Even when you do little things for them, its as if they don’t notice at all.

7 Romance is gone and you have to constantly suggest them to be more romantic with feel that they have changed their behaviour to how they once used to be when you initially started dating them.

8 They are not forthcoming with information that you used to once share with you. You feel they are watching their p’s and q’s with you or worse not speaking at all. I guess again this is fear in case they say the wrong thing to you or you interpret them differently.

9 If it’s more of a relief to be apart than be together, that’s a bad sign. The reason you’re in the relationship is because you enjoyed the time spend in the company of one another.

10 If your partner tells you it’s over, then it’s over. If your significant other has a new partner or stops returning your calls, then you need to face the obvious facts and realize the relationship is over. OR perhaps they are just doing it for a couple of days because they think that being like this will make you MORE attracted to them…beware of this one…you know with time…so set them a deadline of 2-3 wks.

11 They suddenly change their image – update their look – and the worst part about it is…it might not be for you that they do this…but it is in fact their way of picking their own self-esteem off the floor as they are prob still hurt from your break-up.

12 They seem very distracted and cagey…. something is a miss…perhaps they are confused as to where your relationship is heading so again wait for a while…if they don’t bother…then you know what to do…keep the chin up for one!

GOOD NEWS: I don’t like to end on a bad according to statistics and in case all of the above reading made you a bit miserable – just remember that you have apparently a 7 in 10 chance of reconciling…even in the worst possible scenario 🙂 which I guess is good..cos that gives a hope to us all and even if they have already moved onto someone new right now SO quickly..chances are its a rebound and it won’t last…have a nice day..take care of yourself…B


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