How to know if he is scared of commitment?

10 Jun

How do you know if the guy you feel you are now in love with is scared of
committing to you?? what are the signs…

1 Is it fear?? NOPE…
For some men, its not a matter of being scared. They are too comfortable with the status quo and dynamic of your relationship, that has become a new comfort zone. He wouldn’t want to commit time to anything. Commitment in many cases means in some way controlling freedom, and he does not believe in promising his time to another. A marriage is as such a seal on his freedom, and he is simply not ready for it yet.

2 Is his past blocking him?? MAYBE…
A man who has a sad past relationship is haunted by his own past; therefore he will not give his all to the relationship. And commitment is a thing that needs one to give 100%. The past hurts his ability to give all his love to another. This can be settled by a long, serious and understanding talk. BUT he must be willing to engage in this…otherwise you will end up going around in circles….feeling frustrated and getting nowhere. If you feel you are getting nowhere..back off and leave it alone…he will come around eventually.

3 Why does he appear to be scared of commitment??
Change must come internally, but help can be given to drive the change. Most of people’s problems come from perspective.

4 What can you do for the time being?? GIVE HIM SPACE and lots of it.
He will soon come around if he wants you bad enough…like I said, he will think about it all and make some sort of decision.

ALSO do not demand attention from him…tempting right? when you are trying to get your point across. It is better if you just simply let him observe you. THE LESS YOU SAY….THE BETTER!! 🙂 If you demand an answer he will withdraw from you and rebel against you which is not what you want.

Time will provide you with the answers you seek regarding this…so be patient as much as you can…take care..B


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