10 Warning Signs he is not committing to you

12 Jun

I really love this article so am posting it up because I think its a good one and can help save a lot of agony and heart ache for women out there. When you are madly in love with a guy it is easy to ignore all the hints he is giving you that tell you don’t expect commitment anytime soon. Most guys are pretty honest about commitment but many women stay in the relationship hoping that he will come around in time…these guys will probably say ‘I do’ to someone else..so why do we hang on?…is it our emotions or our ego rising to the core?…ONLY you know that answer.

ANYWAY… if you are with a commitment-phobe or feel that you are…perhaps you might already recognise a few of the sentences but at least if you read what they really mean – it may or may not help you decide what you want to do about this…

There are many warning signs men give out but here are just a few most common ones. See if you can identify with any one or several of them.


1. He tells you, you are beautiful, wonderful, loving, kind, compassionate etc. and the guy who gets you will be very lucky

(translation: that guy is not me)

Now some guys do actually mean it so go with your instincts with this one… BUT if you are with the person for a while… observe!

2. He dodges talking about his past, avoids direct questions, makes decisions alone and talks about a future that does not include you.

(translation: you better be out of here before that time).

3. He is still in frequent and regular contact with one or more of his ex girlfriends (or wife) and won’t include you in the friendship or introduce you

(translation: you are not the “number one” in my life).

When you ask to meet their friends who are girls, he declines and gives you some excuse like she is not available to meet up etc. Now this may be true, however he shows no interest of reassuring you.

4. He is still angry at his ex girlfriends (or wife), blames them for the problems in the relationship and sees himself as a victim of “women”

(translation: you are a woman too, and you are my problem.)

If things go rocky, he will compare you to them or any other ‘bad woman’ or what he perceives is a bad woman and then assume you MUST and are just like them even though you are not and are actually sensitive to his feelings. I think some men do this so they don’t feel bad about themselves when they go to break things with a woman. Either way it sucks.

5. He tells you he cannot commit until he is sure that he can take care of you

(translation: I can’t even take care of myself, don’t expect me to take care of you).

6. He talks and treats you differently (not lovingly or respectfully) in front of his friends and family from when you are alone.

(translation: I don’t care much what they think of you as a potential “wife” or mother of my children, you will never be).

7. He tells you he wants to take things slowly meet other woman and have a kind of “open” relationship.

(translation: I think there is someone out there who is a better match for me).

8. Six months into the relationship and he is still “just looking to see what happens”

(translation: I am not really that into you and the moment I meet someone else I am out of here).

9. He tells you not to get emotionally “attached” to him every time you tell him you love him

(translation: what do you expect me to say, that I love you, too, please!).

10. He tells you face to face that he is not interested in settling down any time soon.

(translation: if you want get married go find yourself someone else)


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