Don’t let wants, fears and values take over..

17 Jun

I was doing a little reading as of late and well I want to voice my opinions on this.
What draws you towards a man more is you feel he is perhaps fulfilling your
wants, stopping you from experiencing your fears and validating your values.

Once a man makes your fears start to come true, that is when I feel problems
start to occur in a relationship. I could be wrong. Perhaps if we take our time
more in terms of revealing what our true wants, fears and values are it can
stop us from being SO hurt. The more intimate things you tell your partner, the
closer you become to them. Its just nature. It was Sigmund Freud who explained
how a bond occurs once we share our hopes, dreams, fears, deep shame and or

Summation: If you are in the early days of dating: Be careful, even if you ‘click’
with the guy. I am not saying you have to be a bitch but keep this information
to yourself until things have properly progressed. Pay attention to detail so
how does he actually view women and past women who have come before you.

How does he speak about women in general? if he has some hostility towards
women… be wary of him as he may eventually take his hostility out on you.
After all most of you reading this are women, right? 🙂 below is an image
of the classical wants, fears and values women have… don’t let this take
over in your relationship….you need to be totally sure of him first! which
you can’t be totally but you must know him enough to be trustworthy to
have such information.



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