How to know if your man is an asshole/jerk etc. – Checklist

27 Oct

Please excuse the bad language in this article but am putting it up onto my blog…
cos I think its well written 😀


If your man meets most of the criteria listed below, he’s an asshole.

1.) He doesn’t know anything about you that’s important. When you do talk to him, he never asks how your day went nor does he care.

2.) He flirts with your friends to make you jealous, and responds when they flirt back. (Those friends btw need to go… NOW)

3.) You talk to his voicemail more than you talk to him. Sometimes he just doesn’t “feel like” answering the phone or he’s “busy.”

4.) He treats you like shit.

a) he hangs up on you
b) calls you names
c) uses you only for sex or money
d) he has a problem speaking in a regular tone.
e) they lie and don’t care if they get caught

5.) In the rare event that you do get a gift from him it’s usually late and nothing you really wanted or even needed. In fact, he probably only remembered because you told him.

6.) He thinks that telling him about birthdays, holidays and anniversaries is nagging and tells you to shut up all the time.

7.) When he decides he’s done with you, he’ll never break up with you face to face. It’ll always be over the phone… and that’s only if you’re lucky. Usually, when he gets tired of you he’ll just stop answering the phone. So because you don’t know what’s going on, you’ll leave messages. After he checks them back and decides if he wants to talk to you after a few days he’s going to say that you’re a psycho for calling so much. JUST PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE YOU ASSHOLE!

8.) Part of the reason why you call so much is because you need closure. However, assholes don’t believe in that. In fact, I’m surprised if they even know the meaning of the word. If he doesn’t want to be with you you’re probably never going to know why… so stop seeking closure because it’s not going to happen.

9.) He doesn’t like to take you out with his friends, he’d rather talk shit about you when you’re not there.

10.) If you use the “friend to find out how he feels about me” maneuver, he’ll most likely pretend to like you if he’s smart… but that’s just so you’ll give it up. If he starts talking shit he just wants to fuck your friend.

11) You two could’ve just had the biggest fight and you’re at your friends house bawling your eyes out while he’s at poker night with the guys.

12.) He’ll take anything from you, even your last dollar and not think twice about it.

13.) Lastly, he never takes you ANYWHERE. You don’t go on dates, and even if you do, he hardly ever pays. Or when he does pay he makes you feel guilty for him paying for it all.

14) He drinks too much and blames you for his behaviour a lot of the time.

Although this list might be obvious to some readers, there are still women out there who continue the cycle with each relationship. Oftentimes it’s hard for them to realize until they’re completely out of the situation. Even then it starts all over again with a new relationship. Pay attention to the warning signs!! If your guy meets this criteria he’s an ASSHOLE. Leave him, go to a real man who can deal with REAL women and stop mentally torturing yourself. In the end, you’re only going to get bitter, cynical and jaded and probably take that out on a nice guy that’s trying to date you.


3 Responses to “How to know if your man is an asshole/jerk etc. – Checklist”

  1. Mufaso 26/06/2011 at 9:42 pm #

    Unfortunately, most women date guys like this and like it. Then they stand around with their finger up their ass wondering why they’re so unhappy.

    • justbarbara 28/11/2011 at 1:43 am #

      Well they wonder why they are so unhappy cos they wish in their hearts they could simply make it work with this person. They have channelled so much energy and love into their relationships. They have to learn from their mistakes I guess in order to see the really good guys. I don’t think all women stand around with their finger up their ass…that is possibly a bit of a harsh remark, no? I see what you are trying to say at the same time though..I think they are simply upset at the disintegration of a relationship they thought was good and promising and worthwhile so they spend too much time mourning it instead of moving on quicker.

      • Jess 18/08/2013 at 9:58 pm #

        I liked your response. I am in a pretty bad relationship with an asshole and at no point have I stood around with my finger up my ass. I have made plans to leave, I have tickets for the 28th of this month for both me and my son. I know he is a jerk and I have to go but I have invested so much of myself and my baby into this relationship. He is my son’s father and even though this hurts like hell and part of me doesn’t want to go, I know I have to; especially to protect my son. My son of course loves him more than anything, except me, but I cannot let him think this is the way you treat people and I do not deserve the treatment in the first place. Really what I want to say is, sometime even though you know the guy is a d-bag, they can suck you in so deep it feels impossible to get out and the people who judge women for being with such terrible men need to take a good at themselves and ask themselves what the freakin point is in judging women who are already hurting. If people in this world would just try to help rather then hurt more, this world would be a much better place.

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