Get rated

21 Feb

Hello my lovely blog readers, I stumbled onto this website which is promoting the new release of the movie ‘She’s out of my league’ which I think is out on March 12 and well lol I would like to be out of your league ho ho ho…so feel free to ‘digg’ my pic and boost my rating. I got a ‘7’ but that is okay-I guess the more laid back your answers are – gives you less marks ha ha…anyway I wouldn’t mind giving you a ‘thank you’ wave if my face happens to even get a tiny chance of being up on the NY billboards 🙂 Just Barbara could be your icon..will leave it up to you… if you want the link just click here or on the pic below…Have a nice day! I don’t mind if you want to give me a 12… and make me over the 10 rating 😉 Who knows 7 is supposed to be a lucky number – isn’t it…maybe I do stand a chance after all! save the Barbara – get her up there ha ha.B


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