IM versus PM versus VM… :)

4 May

I guess there are no winners but I wonder what everyone’s
favourite way of communicating is if given a choice between
IM, PM and VM?? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me
which you think should be the winner! lol.

IM – Instant Message


* If you can’t ring a person you can convey a message to them
in 140 characters or less….kinda like Twitter for the phone!

* If you fear confronting someone over something – its a good
way to communicate somehow and still get your message across
if needs be especially if you happen to feel awkward at the time.


* You are limited to 140 characters before going into a secondary

* It can make a relationship worse. Depends on how its used.

* Some people don’t reply to direct txt messages instantly or at
all which can then bring on disappointment to the sender. After
all its called IM which stands for ‘Instant Message’ so sometimes
it would be nice to get an ‘instant reply’ I suppose! Depends on
the situation like everything else.

PM – Personal Message/E-mail


* You are not restricted and can write a huge e-mail if you so wish.

* You can refer to it at a later stage if needs be for whatever reason.


* Its a bit inpersonal and there is no human interaction. Its all done

* You can end up getting too many e-mails as its easy to write an
e-mail since you are less restricted character-wise.

VM – Voicemail


* Its more personal to ring someone up and then leave them
a message to say you are thinking of them…

* Its way more thoughtful then IM and PM as it adds a human
touch to your message – or should I say voice.


*You feel like you are having a conversation with yourself.

* You have to wait until you hear a beep just to leave
your message.

* It can be hard to leave a perfect message as you have
to improvise in a way.

* You have a short time span to convey a concise message.


2 Responses to “IM versus PM versus VM… :)”

  1. T.E. Grimm 06/05/2010 at 10:47 am #

    I would like nothing more than to be able to have FACE TO FACE communication. If I cant have that although I hate the phone Id rather talk on it than chat or text because you can’t feel tone through text. I wish you could but no amount of squiggly lines or a 🙂 after something is telling me your exact tone and feeling.

  2. Just Barbara 07/05/2010 at 2:36 pm #

    FACE TO FACE communication is by far more personal and respectful but of course some people fear confrontation so I suppose the next best thing after face to face is a simple telephone call – and then I would rank e-mail as no.3 and IM as no.4 but that is just me! 🙂 I will try to write more then a few squggly lines so lol. Thanks for the feedback!!

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