The Art of Knowing…

25 May


The Art of Knowing

When to let go has always been hard for me. Frankly, I am one who exhausts all efforts to try to resolve any situation, no matter how long it may take……

When to understand the signs staring you in the face that anything worth having comes at a cost, but not when that cost is far more than you can afford…….

When to say ‘Enough” and stop tripping over oneself in a foolish dance that begins and ends on the same note. Be it sharp or flat. The music stops and you are always the one left without the chair……

When to realize that the effort taken has been one sided and the return on the investment nil. Because you were dealt a loaded deck at the table, and everyone knew but you…..

When continuing an effort is not only futile, but damaging to one’s self, to their physical and emotional well being……

When you finally know the game is done and to even continue at this juncture is pointless……

When you figure out that despite protests to the contrary, no one will be there to catch you when you fall, even when you have been there so often to catch others……

When you see an untenable position, and finally understand that the game and it’s players, have bested you. and you are forced to lay your sword and your throat at the mercy of the game itself……

Knowing these things I think I always did in the back of my mind. Despite that I drudged on like an army that already knew it was defeated. I just could not admit it to myself until it had already been lost.

I have lost so much more than just this….so much, much more…….

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