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Happy 97th birthday to my granny :)

30 May

Happy 97th birthday to my granny 🙂 you look great!!!
Am all dolled up for you along with Isabella 🙂 see you soon…


Fashion sizes..the conversion table link!

31 May

Hey everybody – just want to say first of all..thanks to read my blog.
I love the fact that the whole world tunes in to read what I have to
say…THANK YOU.. Second..if you are like me and you want to see
what sort of dresses etc are out there and you are not sure what
size you are..look no further. I found a website that tells you what
a US size is in comparison to Europe etc. Click here for link

Just came from my granny’s 96th birthday..and this was the dress
I chose to wore..sorry to show off..but its my blog..LOL.. 😛


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