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How to prevent common Christmas disasters

27 Oct

Since Christmas is less then 60 days away (yikes) I guess this video is
good to watch…have a nice day…B


How to know if your man is an asshole/jerk etc. – Checklist

27 Oct

Please excuse the bad language in this article but am putting it up onto my blog…
cos I think its well written 😀


If your man meets most of the criteria listed below, he’s an asshole.

1.) He doesn’t know anything about you that’s important. When you do talk to him, he never asks how your day went nor does he care.

2.) He flirts with your friends to make you jealous, and responds when they flirt back. (Those friends btw need to go… NOW)

3.) You talk to his voicemail more than you talk to him. Sometimes he just doesn’t “feel like” answering the phone or he’s “busy.”

4.) He treats you like shit.

a) he hangs up on you
b) calls you names
c) uses you only for sex or money
d) he has a problem speaking in a regular tone.
e) they lie and don’t care if they get caught

5.) In the rare event that you do get a gift from him it’s usually late and nothing you really wanted or even needed. In fact, he probably only remembered because you told him.

6.) He thinks that telling him about birthdays, holidays and anniversaries is nagging and tells you to shut up all the time.

7.) When he decides he’s done with you, he’ll never break up with you face to face. It’ll always be over the phone… and that’s only if you’re lucky. Usually, when he gets tired of you he’ll just stop answering the phone. So because you don’t know what’s going on, you’ll leave messages. After he checks them back and decides if he wants to talk to you after a few days he’s going to say that you’re a psycho for calling so much. JUST PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE YOU ASSHOLE!

8.) Part of the reason why you call so much is because you need closure. However, assholes don’t believe in that. In fact, I’m surprised if they even know the meaning of the word. If he doesn’t want to be with you you’re probably never going to know why… so stop seeking closure because it’s not going to happen.

9.) He doesn’t like to take you out with his friends, he’d rather talk shit about you when you’re not there.

10.) If you use the “friend to find out how he feels about me” maneuver, he’ll most likely pretend to like you if he’s smart… but that’s just so you’ll give it up. If he starts talking shit he just wants to fuck your friend.

11) You two could’ve just had the biggest fight and you’re at your friends house bawling your eyes out while he’s at poker night with the guys.

12.) He’ll take anything from you, even your last dollar and not think twice about it.

13.) Lastly, he never takes you ANYWHERE. You don’t go on dates, and even if you do, he hardly ever pays. Or when he does pay he makes you feel guilty for him paying for it all.

14) He drinks too much and blames you for his behaviour a lot of the time.

Although this list might be obvious to some readers, there are still women out there who continue the cycle with each relationship. Oftentimes it’s hard for them to realize until they’re completely out of the situation. Even then it starts all over again with a new relationship. Pay attention to the warning signs!! If your guy meets this criteria he’s an ASSHOLE. Leave him, go to a real man who can deal with REAL women and stop mentally torturing yourself. In the end, you’re only going to get bitter, cynical and jaded and probably take that out on a nice guy that’s trying to date you.

How to know if he/she is lying?

24 Jun

Well I stumbled on this weblink and wanted to share it with you
all…its hard to know and we can never fully know…here is
a link…click here – and next time you see your suspect grr…

check out for the signs…woooooooooo… I have def seen the whole forced smile thing…have you? 😎


How to make your own little digital movie…

18 Jun

I found a website called Digital Films where you can make your own cartoon character and short movie… here was my attempt!! LOL 🙂 click here for link to website…though you must register with them first to be able to save your movie etc.

How to know if he is controlling?

17 Jun

How to know if he is controlling? How do you really know for sure?
He will study you a lot in the initial days of dating.

What do you look out for – well observe his mannerisms. If he is controlling, he will be nice to you initially as he must establish control over you to get the relationship that HE wants.. NOT necessarily what YOU want.

1 If you suggest a restaurant, he will suggest another one instead.
2 He will try to suggest where the two of you sit in the restaurant.
3 He may arrange a time and then change it at the last minute.
4 He will not feel comfortable unless he is making the decisions ALL the time.
5 He wants to show you who is in charge from the very first days.
6 He wants to be sure you will let him do it.
7 You may go along to be polite. Be careful not to be too nice about these things.
8 The reason he is invoking these habits is so that you completely succomb to his authority.
9 When you are out with him, he will try his best to increase his power over you. He is also aware of the power of money and so he knows the more he does for you, the more you will be grateful to him and the less likely it is for you to walk away from him.
10 He is the one who always decided when and where the two of you get together.
11 He will extend the dates until you are exhausted, contact you at unexpected times and pressure you to see him and basically do anything that gets you dancing to his tune.
12 He will ask a lot about your activities about who you see – now he may just be interested to know about you more BUT in the back of his mind, he wants you to get used to being accountable to him.
13 If you explain to him the importance of being nice when you are with him, he will probably accuse you of being ‘mean’ or ‘cruel’ if you object to his behaviour.
14 If you have told him that justice is important to you, he will accuse you of being ‘unfair.’ He will majority of the time blame you for his own behaviour. He does this in order to invoke an emotional response in you. Again another power-play.
15 He will have practised responses to answer your criticisms. He may even turn things back on you and make you feel guilty for questioning him. ALWAYS stand up for yourself EVEN IF it is hard to do.
16 All the wonderful promises he makes about the future, never seem to happen. These are merely tools to lure you with so that you do not see his real flaws.
17 BEING FIRM does not make you a bitch, a bad person, a sad person or any of the names he may end up calling you. Especially when he feels he is losing his control and power over you.
18 Even if he had a bad previous relationship, or bad childhood…he should not treat you any lesser then you trully deserve. Don’t make excuses for him just cos you like him.

REMEMBER: If you do not allow yourself to care about his opinion of you, he will not be able to manoeuvre you.

So what do you do if you find yourself seeing all those signs…back off gently and gradually and do not accept this behaviour even if you feel you are in love with him. A controlling man – can not take control over you – you must give it to him first for him to have that power over you. So simply don’t cave into it. Be wary…not trying to make you paranoid by this article..but I hope it was interesting for you.

HAPPINESS starts with OURSELVES. You were happy before you met him…so you can be happy again if needs be. Never be a doormat to someone who will always have some degree of hostility towards you. Its not your fault if they do, its THEIR problem…

How to tell if your boyfriend is an anti-christ?! LOL

17 Jun

wonders if anyone REALLY has bought Patricia Carlin’s book LOL 😉
click here for link

I am sorry but I stumbled across her website by accident and found it hilarious!!

anti-christ bf

How to know if its infatuation or love??

9 Jun

I read this article and so am going to post it on my page… because I find the concept do you really know that what you are feeling for another person is actually love or infatuation. Time certainly gives you the answer.

REMEMBER: love and infatuation are NOT the same things at all.

For me, I always love the person I am with BUT what if the person you are with is ONLY infatuated with you. How can you know if its indeed infatuation or true love…. going to put the article here.. enjoy….sadly if a person is JUST infatuated with you, they may not necessarily love you…but may be just attracted to you physically..and whenever that becomes routine it dries up and ends UNLESS they are REALLY willing to make it work and love YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE…if they don’t accept you how you are then it won’t last the distance. Love never asks a person to CHANGE THEMSELVES to meet THEIR requirements. Time will always give you the answers you seek.

So chin up WHATEVER happens… 🙂 personal happiness starts with ourselves first. You can never rely on your other half in terms of making you happy otherwise you are doing an injustice to yourself… look at what Michael Jackson says in his Man in the Mirror song: …“if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change….I’m starting with the man in the mirror”. Let’s adapt that to also read woman too!

Red Flag Alert: “You are my life. I can’t live without you.”
If you have said that sentence to your other half…read on… you may be surprised.

Here is how to know its just infatuation:

There are some feelings we have when infatuated that we don’t have when we’re feeling love. Some of the “symptoms” of infatuation are; feelings of panic, uncertainty, overpowering lust, feverish excitement, impatience, and/or jealously.

When infatuated, we are thrilled, but not happy, wanting to trust, yet suspicious. There are lingering, nagging doubts about our “partner in infatuation” and their love for us. We’re miserable when they’re away, almost like we’re not complete unless we’re with them. It’s a rush and it’s intense. It’s difficult to concentrate. And most infatuation relationships have a high degree of sexual charge around them. Somehow being with them is not complete unless in ends in some type of sexual encounter.

Do any of these “symptoms” resemble feelings of love? Hardly. So why do we become infatuated? Where does it come from? Perhaps it’s biological.


When infatuated we experience a surge of dopamine that rushes through the brain causing us to feel good. Norepinephrine flows through the brain stimulating production of adrenaline (pounding heart). Phenylethalimine (found in chocolate) creates a feeling of bliss. Irrational romantic sentiments may be caused by oxytocin, a primary sexual arousal hormone that signals orgasm and feelings of emotional attachment. Together these chemicals sometimes override the brain activity that governs logic.

The body can build up tolerances to these chemicals so it takes more of the substance to get that special feeling of infatuation. People who jump from relationship to relationship may be craving the intoxicating effects of these substances and may be “infatuation junkies”.

BOTTOM LINE: why did your relationship end?? well if that is a mystery to you…it could be JUST because of this:

When the chemical flood dries up, the relationship either moves into a loving romantic one or there is disillusionment, and the relationship ends.

CONCLUSION: it can either:

1) turn into a love relationship and last yayyyy OR
2) it can abruptly end suddenly due to a chemical change and a drought.

If things dried up, its not YOUR fault.

REMEMBER: You have a life too and your life doesn’t solely revolve around them or seeking their approval on everything…chalk it up to experience and learn from it… take care..B