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Human Brain Can Only Manage 150 Friendships

26 Jan

One of my facebook friends Mona posted this really interesting story up on her profile so I told her am going to put it on my blog because I find it absolutely fascinating…so thanks Mona, hope you guys will enjoy it too.. B

Human Brain Can Only Manage 150 Friendships [study]

WE may be able to amass 5,000 friends on Facebook but humans’ brains are capable of managing a maximum of only 150 friendships, a study has found.

Robin Dunbar, professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, has conducted research revealing that while social networking sites allow us to maintain more relationships, the number of meaningful friendships is the same as it has been throughout history.

Dunbar developed a theory known as “Dunbar’s number” in the 1990s which claimed that the size of our neocortex — the part of the brain used for conscious thought and language — limits us to managing social circles of around 150 friends, no matter how sociable we are.

Dunbar derived the limit from studying social groupings in a variety of societies — from neolithic villages to modern office environments. He found that people tended to self-organise in groups of around 150 because social cohesion begins to deteriorate as groups become larger.

“There is a big sex difference though … girls are much better at maintaining relationships just by talking to each other. Boys need to do physical stuff together.”

Dunbar’s study is due to be published later this year.


Focus on an outcome before reacting to get better results!

31 Jul

Peter Bregman is an individual from Harvard who I find highly interesting…..

According to Harvard Business blog, most of our interactions are governed by a simple event-reaction-outcome chain, where our knee-jerk response leads to an often undesirable outcome. For better results, they propose tweaking your thought chain to focus primarily on the outcome.


Here is an example that may be of interest:

Something or someone hooks us and we react. Someone yells at us, we yell back and create the outcome of a damaged relationship. It’s not that we want a damaged relationship, it’s just what happens when we yell back. And that’s the problem. The most important part of the chain, arguably the only part that really matters, the outcome, is collateral damage from our reaction. It’s not intentional. We’re reacting to the event. The outcome is simply fallout.

To avoid this fallout, Peter suggests reacting to the outcome and not the event itself. Visually, this would look as follows: event→outcome→reaction.

SOLUTION: “just because the event catalyzed your action, doesn’t mean it should determine it. How you react can and should be determined by the outcome; by the future you want to create.” And if you’d like to create a future with less mistakes, try taking a calculated pause before making an important decision.

The Art of Reading Body Language

5 Jun

I am writing this article because I feel it is of interest to many of us.
Even if you are not dating, its still a really cool article to read
and download. Having said that I doubt I will remember all the
points it raises in terms of what to look out for lol.

Have you ever found yourself on a great date and things went
well yet the other person wasn’t saying much and about 90%
of time they were listening to what you had to say. Yet that
was okay because you still enjoyed their company. Or maybe
you were having a row with your other half and you noticed
your other half was not actually saying much back at you or
not reacting when suddenly out of nowhere it was EXACTLY
THAT..which stopped you in your tracks.

What is the deal with this? Its called non-verbal communication.
Well I have found the pdf for deciphering body cues whenever you
may go on a date again – click here to download it and enjoy.
Have a nice day….B

James Lovelock – The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A final Warning

16 Apr

I seriously think this book is worth reading. James Lovelock speaks
about how the world is like an organism. He speculates how
Biochar Carbon Sequestration could be our only hope, as
this process could help to save mankind if there is an impending
apocalypse as he predicts.

The damage has already been done by mankind as too much carbon dioxide
has been catapulted into our atmosphere already. Biochar Carbon Sequestration
will hopefully reduce the existing CO2 being sent out into the atmosphere
– Ireland like New Zealand could become the lifeboat for mankind.

But like everything else, if these countries become lifeboats for
saving people, the lifeboats can only fit so many people. Hopefully,
it won’t be a situation like what happened with the Titanic, where
we just don’t take on enough passengers…I guess that is up to
immigration controls.

James Lovelock: The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever that may last as long as 100,000 years


Conclusion, I can never imagine Ireland becoming like a burning furnace
similar to that of the planet, Venus! would not surprise
me if the weather became really hot all of a sudden as we tend to go
from one extreme to the next very easily. I tend to take to the
sun like an eager panda bear anyway! We should trust what Mr. Lovelock
predicts and do something now – he is after all from NASA so he knows
what he is talking about regarding the environment 🙂

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