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Homer Every Day

2 Mar

This is absolutely brilliant! Shows us all how time really does fly…
I think the Simpsons may have got their original inspiration from
his video here click here

For Simpsons vid click on title below:

Homer Every Day from Noah K. on Vimeo.

Here is my video for Rosa and Ju on this application – click here 🙂

Jesse & Joy – music video called Chocolate 🙂 love how they did this too..

Jesse & Joy- “Chocolate” from Carlos Lopez Estrada on Vimeo.


8 programs that will make your computer run faster

27 Oct

I stumbled onto this article and think we can all benefit from it in some way.
My computer certainly needs a bit of an overhaul..anyway click here for
the link.



18 Oct

LOLL have you ever lost your keys, your phone etc? 🙂 then watch the opening vid.. click here – needless to say I made an account in case! 😀 have a nice day…B



22 Sep

I absolutely love this..hours of endless fun playing around with this…enjoy 😎

click here for the link



7 Jul

REALLY well made 🙂

This is why you are fat website …goodness

29 Jun

I stumbled onto this website that one of my dear friends sent me..and
was shocked at some of the images of unhealthy food that some of us
out there really eat…especially the Royal Flush meal…YUCK…goodness..
I will think twice tonight about tucking into those fries… have a nice
day… click here for the link… Enjoy!!

Warning: not for the faint hearted!! where dreams become heart attacks…


An Image Collage I made…

18 Jun

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