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Get rated

21 Feb

Hello my lovely blog readers, I stumbled onto this website which is promoting the new release of the movie ‘She’s out of my league’ which I think is out on March 12 and well lol I would like to be out of your league ho ho ho…so feel free to ‘digg’ my pic and boost my rating. I got a ‘7’ but that is okay-I guess the more laid back your answers are – gives you less marks ha ha…anyway I wouldn’t mind giving you a ‘thank you’ wave if my face happens to even get a tiny chance of being up on the NY billboards 🙂 Just Barbara could be your icon..will leave it up to you… if you want the link just click here or on the pic below…Have a nice day! I don’t mind if you want to give me a 12… and make me over the 10 rating 😉 Who knows 7 is supposed to be a lucky number – isn’t it…maybe I do stand a chance after all! save the Barbara – get her up there ha ha.B


Girlfriend 1.0

16 Feb

I just love this – its really well made – click here for the link. Enjoy B 🙂

The three phases of owning a computer…

20 Nov

I read this and I must admit – its so true so posting it up for you all here… enjoy…B. Click here for the link.

I am :-)

9 Nov

I have stumbled across a website that looked kind of cool so thought I would share it with you my fellow readers. I guess I like the scroller icon they have used….anyway without further ado…here is the link…click here


8 programs that will make your computer run faster

27 Oct

I stumbled onto this article and think we can all benefit from it in some way.
My computer certainly needs a bit of an overhaul..anyway click here for
the link.



22 Sep

I absolutely love this..hours of endless fun playing around with this…enjoy 😎

click here for the link


Facesearch..or should I say facesaerch..

9 Sep

I am fascinated at how this website is able to get all the snaps of a certain
person together via the search tool. Excellent. Surprised to see one of my
snaps in amongst the bunch..however am never on Hi5 so wondered why
it didn’t take my dashing facebook snap lol… OH well…such is life…
have a nice day!! B

click here


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