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For anyone getting married

25 May

Think this one might have the edge over the last proposal video I posted up here.


Best Marriage Proposal ever :)

18 May

Congratulations to Will and Kate…

29 Apr

Congratulations to them both – thought the archbishop’s speech was well done in the wedding…but like this video he made too…enjoy…

Marrying your laptop :-)

24 Feb

Or maybe you want something a bit more virtual…ha ha. B

Best wedding invite ever. Give it up for the Wong couple!

24 Feb

Such a well thought out video for their wedding..they even marry on 10-10-10 – v v cool..its gets my stamp of approval so its going on my blog..congrats you guys…B

Wedding video lol

27 Jul

Coolest wedding video I have ever seen!!! 😀

Inflatable Churches – the new wedding rage…

9 Jun

inflatable church

One of my good friends is getting married, so I looked online to see
if I could see any cheesy wedding ceremonies to suggest to her 🙂
but wait for it… I didn’t find Elvis.. oh no… I found her …ta da..
an inflatable church and told her if she changes her mind she could
still get married in one of these… somehow I can’t stop laughing. I
think its a better update to my Lego Wedding Cake!! 😎

Click here for link and feast your eyes on it in all its glory…
I really like this idea because if you don’t like how the wedding is going
you just have to put a pin in the side of the Church and lol poof…there
goes the wedding and the church…certainly would not like to have inflate
the church… they don’t say if you have to do that!! 😀

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