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A quick sorry to any of my readers on here

26 Sep

*** UPDATE TO THIS POST: I JUST PUT A HEAP OF TOYS ON THE WEBSITES BELOW!!! so feel free to grab your bargains for Christmas from Amazon without having to think and spend ages to do so hahaha ***


Sorry to all my readers of this blog. The truth is, I have been off this blog writing a new book.  Hurrah how exciting, huh. Anyway its a relationship book that maybe some of you might just like 🙂 as soon as its complete I will put up a link and not charge much for it woo-hoo.  I just want to help you nothing else. I think its important to humanity to help each other and not just that can be v rewarding. Anyway I have been updating some new shopping websites I have been making – it kind of is useful if you don’t want to spend ages looking on Amazon for things so its a smaller Amazon shop in a way – feel free to have a look – you might find stuff in there you like at nice discounted prices hurrah – just think its really handy for getting presents and what not!!

Links are here: http://dddeals.org/ for US purchases

http://shop.itravelalot.net/ for UK purchases

I just want to say a quick sorry because I know a lot of you probably wished I updated this blog more!! So for now I am going to take the following advice below lol…have a nice day 🙂


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