Katy Perry – Legendary Lovers

19 Nov


Khorb-Un-Ka – Barbara Craig

22 Aug

A piece I finally published at the end of May – hope you enjoy it and well if you want to purchase it at all – the links are all in the description bar of the video! have a nice day 🙂


Barbara C – Advertisement

4 Jul

Links to my music are in the information section on YouTube – thanks to all my blog readers!! hope you like the video 🙂


What makes you beautiful <3 it Piano Guys!

13 May


Lisa Loeb

29 Apr

Great Cover 🙂


Signs your marriage or couple is failing and what to do to get out of it !!!

11 Apr

I think this video is absolutely wonderful in terms of helping people out – its got to go up on my blog… it shows anyone who may be suffering heart ache right now precisely how things can go wrong in a relationship – be it a couple or a marriage and well I always think awareness is critical/key to fixing anything that fails over time. I think the trick to getting out of the ‘bog’ you need to ACCEPT and make the decision together to divorce yourself from the old relationship that didn’t work and restore and start off afresh by accepting you can’t go on the way it currently is… and essentially give yourself space and time and it will heal naturally between you both – have faith – have hope – be happy with yourself (also critical) and LEARN from it all that way you get out of the hell you may be experiencing at the moment. I hope this one post helps a tonne of people out there. Have a nice day!! – Love Just Barbara xoxo


Nina Nesbitt – Statues

13 Mar

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