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Will it blend? Iphone

31 Mar

Since I have just finished writing an article on cell phones/mobiles – lets watch a mobile blend into black smoke! LOL. B


Has texting become the scourge of the modern dating world?

31 Mar

As communication becomes faster and more ubiquitous is it helping or hurting the world of dating?

I had a very interesting conversation/debate tonight about this and felt the need to write an article about it on my blog so here goes…I think texting can be a scourge – and that the best and perhaps only etiquette to redeem texting is to simply “text within moderation” if you REALLY must.

It’s like a science fiction movie — a technology meant to help man/womankind gone mad. Lets take a scenario if I may. You meet online. You exchange emails. You have a call, and often before you even have your first date, your relationship gets stuck in the “text lane” (excuse the pun lol). Random and short messages that seem to promise a connection or at least a face-to-face meeting…never…seem…to…work…out.

How did it even come to this? Texts are perfect for a certain type of communication — sharing directions, asking questions that require short answers and spreading the news to a group, disseminating information or perhaps you are sick at the time and not in the mood to speak – all totally fine. But getting to know someone more? And worse still, it’s easy to get the feeling that a serial texter is running interference and holding you off while they balance a half-dozen other things (or people). Texting is basically a bit inpersonal. Its good if the other person is in a country that restricts them to call you..fine or perhaps money can be an issue too. BUT there comes a point when the old phone call or face to face interaction takes precedent.

If You Are a Serial Texter:

We’re sure you’re a nice person, but texting is not the most flattering manner of communication, is it? It seems to connote a certain, “I really don’t have time to talk to you. What’s up?” With your friends that’s fine, because you already have a relationship with them which as you know is not the same as a love relationship. In addition, you’re usually relaying some information to a friend that doesn’t have any impact on how they feel about you. “Want to go to the movie tonight? or go to the shops etc?”

But a new love interest isn’t looking for the most efficient form of communication. He/she is looking to learn about you, sit down and have a meaningful human exchange. Texting is the opposite of that. It doesn’t even have the quaint letter writing potential of an email. It’s all business in 160 characters (for SMS users). Texting can be less annoying then an e-mail though (probably cos of the characters restriction)…it just depends on your own outlook and opinion, I suppose.

Let us propose an alternative communication strategy for our texting friends. After the online introduction is solid, after an email has been exchanged, if interest is still high, pick up the telephone. Yes, this can be awkward. Especially if your phone skills have atrophied as your texting skills have grown. But the benefits are immense EVEN IF it sounds v old-fashioned of me to say. So what does a phone call do that can be of more benefit?


1. You probably know within three minutes if you even want to have a date. How’s that for efficiency?
2. The chances that your partner will be impressed are greatly increased as they won’t be expecting you to call unless you are REALLY interested in meeting them.
3. You’ll get to the actual date much quicker, which is the reason you’re probably doing all of this online matching in the first place and they may even value and regard you more as they will see it as a more respectful move on your part.
4. You’re going to eventually need to talk to this person. A phone conversation gives you the opportunity to ask some detailed questions and get material for your face-to-face.

If You are “Dating” a Texter:

Perhaps you’ve never had a real date with this person. Or maybe you got some face-to-face interaction before the texting flurry began. Either way, if you’ve started to feel like you’re getting little text messages on your phone instead of valuable time together, you’ve got to take a stand.

The best first line of defense is to stop responding to the messages, or what behaviour specialists call “tactical ignoring.” You try to positively recognize the behaviour you want to encourage and completely ignore the behaviour you want to go away. Or as an alternative, you could send one simple text as a reply, “When you get a chance, give me a call.” This lets the person know how you’d like the communication to flow from there on in or you just say it to them the next time you speak to them – that way they know how you feel.

Eventually, you may be forced to make a choice between enduring a six-texts-for-every-call communication pattern or letting a promising potential suitor go. Of course, if a person likes to communicate primarily via text and you hate it, you’re probably not a very good long-term match. Why? the person who is not into the texting will think that you are potentially copping out from having a proper line of communication with them and feel a bit disrespected whereas the person who is into texting may not feel that way whatsoever and get offended by the lack of correspondance they are receiving in return. Now its good to have differences and all, but this must be assessed carefully as it could lead to problems later on.

If it feels difficult to cut loose a possible romantic candidate because of annoying text habits, just fast forward mentally into a life where you’re living with the habit. Every day.

A person who can’t respectfully communicate with you in the manner you prefer is probably going to be pretty bad at the kind of compromise that is vital for a relationship to grow and thrive.

And what will be next after texting – tongue texting as you drive in your car lol 😉 and suddenly I am now stuck for words ha ha…tongue tied… hope you enjoyed reading this! RANT OVER!! 🙂 B

In the Valley

14 Mar

Absolutely love this 🙂 this one is for the ladies…have a nice day!! B

Every Day Looper – Iphone

8 Mar

I really like this application – well made video! Have a nice day… B

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