The meaning of “Love” – a rant for my good friend

28 Jan

Going to write a post about love – this is dedicated to one of my friends in case she is not sure if what she has is the real deal or not. Let’s break this down shall we…

LOVE is action.

LOVE is never about EXCUSES.

(Excuses some people KNOW are excuses some people have had since they can spend their whole life almost DODGING having to answer anyone truthfully and are almost always about BUYING TIME.)

Love is thoughtful.

Love is NOT disrespectful like being late….not calling WHEN they said they would and NOT making everything about them, their wants, their needs etc.

Love is NOT about bed jumping….love is not about making oneself happy. However it is up to us, to control our own happiness.

Love is about doing little and big things that you know makes someone’s life easier and being there to add something positive to the mix.

Love is knowing that you are giving and receiving equally and not being taken advantage of.

ALL EXCUSE makers or those who PROMISE SOMEDAY or ONE DAY “IT” will be all different  who use phrases like “we will see” or “whatever” that equals NO most of the time……or the people who just make you WAIT and don’t give up on them are ALL con artists who know JUST WHAT to say to BUY time which means in essence waste yours. Do you want that? hell no.

Life is short and needs to be spent with a man or a women who is faithful-truthful-kind and not self centered. If you do not have that……….YOU are not being loved. So if you want to be loved you know what you have got to do. I hate this expression but I am going to say it in this instance simply “do the needful” for yourself – now obviously everyone’s situation is different out there but I am sure some of the points above ring home for some sadly. Its not a selfish thing either to review your love. You have to really weigh up the facts of what you can and can not tolerate in the long run.

Whatever your predicament just remember the following:


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