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Nancie Spina Tupperware

25 Jun

Nancie Spina Tupperware

A great friend of mine – Nancie Spina has just recently launched her own range of cool Tupperware items that are up for sale and I said to her today I would publish her web-link on my blog here for all of you to see – looks pretty useful stuff Nancie – nice job!! I am still browsing your list here – my kitchen is finally getting an upgrade thanks to you!!! ❤ Finally!! 🙂 click here for link to her page. Sadly I missed the last party she had on Saturday…but there will be more I’m sure – right Nancie!! 😀

One more thing: if anyone would like to contact/e-mail Nancie about anything you like/want on there – you can reach her at: – Have fun!!! 🙂

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