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Flash mob dance – Eurovision 2010 & Lena…

29 May

This was the best part of the show for me! 🙂 congrats to Lena for winning for Germany.. B

Flash Mob Dance… v cool.

Lena 🙂


Vote for my friend to be on Oprah!!

27 May

My best friend Augustus Smiletone deserves to have a permanent spot on TV – he has what it takes to make it big so I am going to plug him on my wordpress blog. Smiletone – this entry is for you! 🙂 If you want to vote for him to be on Oprah click here for the link. Good luck!! 8)

Delta Commercial

31 Oct

If this is not enough to scare you I don’t know what is 🙂 LOL..B
P.S> Happy Halloween!!!!

Goldfish Funeral…

27 Oct

I love this LMAO…. 😎 B

The Bionic Woman – Strength

27 Oct

Classical footage 🙂 have a nice day…B

Panasonic and the 85 inch HD TV! Cool..

18 Jun

I found this article interesting and have noticed that Panasonic have released an
85 inch HD TV for professional use lol… I found it so shocking I am posting
it on my page…I hope they will make it available for residential use!!! 😎

I am currently repairing a 37 inch plasma screen as the backlight has
gone…as you know its a tricky job in itself.. click here for article.


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